Echo Release Images

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After working to get the rotation configured rather then using a script, I have created a set of new images.

If you already have installed your system, you can just update via apt and there is no need to download the new images. In this case I would kindly ask you not to download the images as the bandwidth of the backend server is limited and the files are each >1,5GB of size.

Recent changes

What has changed:

  • Rotation is now performed via configuration.
  • Setting the fan-speed has been fixed based on a request by "Redsandro"
  • Kernel has been updated to 4.13.0-rc5+ by "jwrdegoede"
  • Touchegg is now a part of the images
  • Screen rotation is fixed in setup
  • Battery issues are fixed in live-system

There are also some changes on the backend:

  • Makefile for respin has complete been updated
  • Automatic upload targets have been added to Makefiles

All changes are available via as well.

Download locations

Before downloading the images, please reconsider if you really need them. There are no mirrors yet and the bandwith of the server is limited.

After downloading, please verify the integrity of the downloaded file against the sha256-hashes or the clearsigned hashlist. The following images are available: