Fixes for Bluetooth and 4.14-rc4 based Kernel

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After I had recently trouble to find some time on merging the recent changes from Hans kernel into the GPD Pocket kernel repositories, I have finally been able to sort out the configuration issues and build a kernel that works properly.

The old 4.13 based kernel already fixed USB-C support but at the same time broke support on bluetooth.

The new kernel out (4.14.0-11.gpd) now fixes those bluetooth issues and provides support for USB-C. It thus breaks support for AppArmor (the kernel configuration does not contain AppArmor support as enabling it destroys Wifi support).

On the other hand the Kernel now is quite functional. I will create new ISO images based on it during the next days (when I bundle the new release).

For all of you already using a device, please just update using

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

If you are coming from a version in one of the first releases, that still uses the "-gpdpocket" prefixed kernel variant, please use

sudo apt update && sudo apt install gpdpocket