Hotel Release Builds

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The Hotel release is here

This fixes the issue with the display rotation issues on gnome and Unity. In some configurations, the touchscreen did not properly align with the display rotation.

The new release also provides linux-headers-generic packages for the current kernel. The kernel from Hans has been rebased onto a mainline-ppa kernel and now uses the same patches and configuration as the mainline-ppa kernel 4.13.0-rc7.

IMPORTANT: Updating existing devices

Ubuntu currently refuses to install the new kernel as it is identified as a new package. Thus a reinstall must be enforced!

Please call

sudo apt update && sudo apt install gpdpocket

to enforce the update.

Download locations

Before downloading the images, please reconsider if you really need them. There are no mirrors yet and the bandwith of the server is limited.

After downloading, please verify the integrity of the downloaded file against the sha256-hashes or the clearsigned hashlist.

Thankfully /u/nesousx has some bandwidth to share and setup a mirror. I am also in contact with some other people offering some space for mirroring the images.

The Hotel builds have a build date of 2017-09-04. Find the mirrors locations for the different images down in the list: