Work on ubuntu repository

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After I have received by GPD Pocket last week, I have been eager to get something useful running on there. I have been pleased to see that there has been some progress on getting different Linux distributions running on the device [1].

For a first start I decided to use the ansible based scripts by cawilliamson [2] to create a basic ISO image I could use to install xubuntu on my device. While it is a great work to get different distributions running on the device, it also has some flaws of practical nature: It does not allow updating via package management.

Don't get me wrong, it is a brilliant project and I appreciate his work very much. It also has been the basis for me to start on packaging things, so he deserves some big credits.

When talking about credits: My contribution is just bundling stuff other people have basically made. So please refer to the reddit thread or cawilliamsons repository to see who has been working on the different things. I will try to add credits soon.

The source code to the package building scripts can be found on github [3]. If you like to contribute, please feel free to provide pull requests or patches. It is still work in progress and the scripts have not yet been cleaned. I will work on that later, when everything is running.

What is this repo for?

The primary aim is using the repo with the images I provide. Those already contain a set of patches and it is used to allow updating packages on the devices.

It is also possible to get a standard image based on Ubuntu (or even Debian) and install this packages into it.

What is this repo not meant for?

You should not try to install the packages onto images either patched by GPD or build by some respin scripts. It is hard to tell what happens on those images as it cannot be determined which system configuration those use.

There are reports that the setup bascially works on those as well, but I would think that there is a large likelyhood that my patches will break things or leave you stuck with a non-bootable device.

Installing the repo on a ubuntu image

To install packages on an ubuntu system on the GPD Pocket, please add the following entry to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb /

Then install the signing key on your system to be able to install packages from that source by calling

wget -O - | apt-key add -

You should not be able to call the following commands to install the packages on your GPD Pocket

apt update apt install gpdpocket

Note: The packages are not clean. I have still to work on properly configuring the device. I am currently patching some configuration files in the postinst scripts which is not a good option. I will work on that soon.

I will also try to provide setup images for xubuntu and ubuntu for the versions 16.04.3 and 17.04 soon. Just give me some days to work on that.